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Darren is a Business Leadership Consultant bringing organizations practical tools to align, equip and empower their leaders so they can grow better business results. In doing so, they build flourishing workplaces where leaders thrive, creating competitive advantage through their teams.

As a business consultant, coach and facilitator, he specializes in leadership development to build senior leadership teams.  Darren has coached and supported leaders on a variety of issues including purpose, communication, clarity, team alignment, interpersonal effectiveness, and work-life balance.  He equips leaders in expanding their toolkits emphasizing awareness and personal leadership as foundational to championing high-performance teams.  


Darren has a unique gift for improving organizations’ processes, people and profit where he brings years of in-the-trenches, experience and excellence. Instead of textbook theory, he's lived the reality of investing in teams while needing to drive business results.

But not without some hard knocks. He wears the scars of workplace challenges not as a badge of honour - but a humbling reminder and inspiring invitation: leadership isn't easy, but so much more is possible when one chooses the mindset and resources to intentionally grow.

Darren blesses business leaders from a conviction of an ancient Proverb, "Be sure to know the condition of your flocks and pay special attention to your herds".  That's why he finds joy in championing others so they too can experience a better way – and not have to do it alone.

Darren draws from a wellspring of resources who have invested and impacted his leadership and toolkit he offers others.
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